torstai 11. elokuuta 2016

Finland, part 3

This will be my last report from Finland. I'm already back in Pohnpei but I wanna share some more photos from my own country.

I had chance to spend some time in my parents summer house together with my sister and her husband. It was first time in my life when I saw a man braiding someone's hair! And he did a good job! My sister is lucky to have a husband like that!
Nature in Finland is so beautiful! You can find nice polypores...
...or something little bit weird growing in the tree. :D Well, this one is actually my geocache.

This is something I miss from Finland - strawberries. These are wild strawberries. They are even more tasty and sweeter than normal ones. 

This is very traditional landscape in Finland. Unfortunately you can't find many this kind of places anymore. These two photos are from Jokioinen. 

Lahti harbour is a kind of living room for people living in Lahti area. Many people come to the harbour by motorbike and quite often there are lots of motorbikes. I was lucky to see this special, old one.

Old mill buildings in Lahti harbour. Nowadays there are apartments for students, restaurants and very nice concert hall.

Canada geese ready for swimming in lake Vesijärvi.

Old railway station of Lahti harbour. It is a very nice cafe now. This beach boulevard is very popular to take a walk in the evening.

Swan is a national bird of Finland.

I spent five days in Toivonlinna - castle of hope. Toivonlinna is a SDA school next to the sea. That's the school I spent six years during my secondary and high school. This time I took part of the life style course there.

School building and dormitory. The school is surrounded by big garden with dozens of apple trees.

There is a hill behind the school with beautiful view to the sea.

Apples where not ready to eat yet.

Finland is a country of many beautiful churches also. On my way back to my parents summer house I stopped to Sauvo lutheran church to search one geocache.

And another geocache was next to Kemiö lutheran church.

The bridge of Sääksmäki. This used to be a part of the way from Helsinki to Tampere but when they built a new highway there are not so much traffic anymore on this bridge. That's a pity because the view is so beautiful when there is water both side of the road.

My last night in my hammock is over now. It was time to pack everything and get ready to go back to Pohnpei. I moved out of the caravan when my sister and her husband came to the summer house. I liked so much sleeping in the hammock that I didn't move back into the caravan when they left. Caravan shed was perfect place to have a hammock. No rain, no mosquitos but lot of fresh air. I really miss sleeping in hammock now! 

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