tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2016

One week in Norway

I had a great opportunity to spend a week in Fredheim lifestyle center, Norway, where my sister and her husband live and work. The week was full of hiking on the mountains, delicious vegan food, new friends, relaxing in the jacuzzi, massage, quality time with my sister and of course geocaching. :D 

First night in Fredheim. Full moon was waiting for us. It was about 11 pm when I took the photo.
Fredheim life style center. 

When my hosts were working I had a lot of time to hike on the mountains searching geocaches. I enjoyed so much hiking hours in the beautiful nature, admiring great views and having fresh mountain air. Most of the time sun was shining or it was partly cloudy. 
One of the great places for the goecache. 
And another place for geocache. I was not able to find the cache when I was there for the first time. Instead I found this. Later I ask one Latvian friend (who has found the cache) where the cache was. He asked did I find the "number two". That was the hint for the cache also. At the moment he said that I realised I even took a photo of the "number two"! I had to go back there later and that time I found it easily:
On the way to Fredheim there are an old silver mine. One cache I found from the mine area. This is the place where small trains take tourists in to the mine. I didn't go in this time. Maybe next time. 
I was lucky to meet Latvian young men Alberts in Fredheim. Together we had chance to search one cache. Of course we had to take selfie with the container.
One of the many dam lakes on the mountains. 
Korset. And again a great view. Little bit lower there were old ruins where I found one cache.

I haven't seen so many snakes in all of my life but after I started geocaching I have seen some. This was a baby viper. It is the only poisonous snake in Finland (and Norway). Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I had to take a photo with my cell phone.

At Midsummer my sister and her husband had some holiday. Finally we had time to go hiking together. On Midsummer Eve we took a hike to one of the dam lakes.   
In Finland we have some Midsummer Eve traditions. One of our tradition is sauna. Luckily they have sauna in Fredheim so we were able to have our Midsummer Eve sauna too. On the way to sauna I noticed that clouds were covered all the mountains in horizon.  
This time our Midsummer Eve sauna was totally different than usually. Instead of having lake next to the sauna we had jacuzzi. At least the water was warm enough for me! :D 
After sauna the clouds were gone and the mountains were there again. It was awesome to see how quickly the view could change and how many different kind of views there can be depending when you take a look. 
At Midsummer Day we took a hike to Knutetoppen. We climbed all the way to the top of the mountain. On the way there were couple of geocaches and when we were on the top I was able to log my geocache no 800.  
Happy geocacher on the top. 
The view for another side. It was still possible to see some snow on the top of the some other mountains. 
We took a short rest on the top before going back down. Hiking up and down regularly would make very good for your shape! 
Down again. It doesn't look so high but hiking there and back was quite a good exercise! We were where the tower is.

Cooking with my own sister is always fun. This time we had to borrow Fredheim's oven to get our pizzas ready. And when you are working in the real kitchen you need to have proper hat. 

Our vegan pizzas waiting for the oven. Pizza was the traditional Midsummer Eve food in my family when I was young.

This is home made vegan ice cream. It was super delicious with home made waffles! Spending a week in a place where it is possible to eat almost every day from the ready table - and it is very cheap way to eat - made me wonder if I should consider finding some this kind of place to work next...

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