tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2016

Finland - my country

I have written my blog about two years now. It has been my diary about travelling around the word and my year in Pohnpei. Now I have two months in Finland before I'll travel back to Pohnpei and I want to introduce my beautiful country to my friends oversees. So,  it's time to chance language and tell something about my own country, Finland. There will be lots of photos because in Finland we used to say: One photo tells you more than thousand words.

As many of you know, I love sunsets! The first night I came back Finland there was very nice sunset waiting for me. Even though I was really tired for travelling 38 hours I'm never too tired to take a photo of nice sunset. :D This photo is from Lahti.

It has been so great to see my friends. Here are my beloved friends and ex-colleagues Johanna and Pia. We used to have one night together every summer in Lahti harbour. We eat good food, talk, laugh and of course we take selfie!

One thing I've missed from Finland is sauna. And especially one specific sauna - the sauna of my friends Leena and Kari, next to the small lake called Vähätiilijärvi. I was very lucky when I came back Finland. It was warm here! Like a real summer. Even the water in the lakes was warm already. Two days after arriving Finland my friends and I spent a night together swimming and having sauna at Leena's and Kari's place. Some of my friends were even surfing.

Leena and Asa watching Kari surfing.
Leena's and Kari's sauna.
Motorbiking is one of my dear hobby during the summer. I don't drive myself but my friend Asa has a motorbike and he enjoys giving ride for me. So the first weekend in Finland we decided to have our first ride to Hanko, the southest city of Finland. On our way we had a chance to take part of the graduation party of the daughter of our friends.

Beautiful Fia, graduated from high school.

Lutheran church of Hanko.

Water tower of Hanko.

Short break at the beach of Tulliniemi, Hanko.

Daisies growing on the stairs to the one church.

This is a huge bull! Can you find me leaning on the leg? The bull is made of wood and you can find it from Hyrsylänmutka, Saukkola.

Old vicarage of Vihti.
I have spent most of my time in Finland at my parent's summer house. This is my own private "house". 

Purple daisies in my parent's flowerbed.

Way to the summer house.

Wood cranesbill

Midsummer roses

Our rowboat ready for use. The birch is very special for me. When I was a kid I used to sit on the trunk.

This is very typical Finnish lakeside sauna. This is next to my parent's summer house. When I was rowing past two naked men came out from sauna and run to the lake. :D

It was about 10.45 pm when I took this picture. Lake was like a mirror and I just enjoyed!

Another sunset at Kotkajärvi (=lake of eagle)

It's almost midnight. Photo is from the shore of my parent's summer house.

First strawberries from my parent's field. These are so delicious!!!

My parents and the windmill of Heikkilä. Heikkilä is our last name. :D

Lutheran church of Säkylä.

I've been so happy to geocaching again! Near one cache we found this nest of small bird.

My wonderful friend Leila and me. We met in the attic church. As you can see, we had a lot of clothes on us. It has been quite cold here in Finland but now it's getting warmer.

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  1. Welcome back home, Merja, for vacation. It's interesting to read your comments from Over There. Informative pics her for your colleagues :)